meeting someone at heathrow airport

(See also our related page Heathrow Airport Directions)If you’re meeting someone at Heathrow airport follow this 5 step plan:1. Check to see if the flight is on time by using one of the following sources of arrivals information for Heathrow airport:(a) online – from the heathrow airport website at over the telephone on:Terminal 1: + 44 (0)208 745 7487Terminal 2: + 44 (0)208 745 5408Terminal 3: + 44 (0)208 745 4655Terminal 4: + 44 (0)208 745 7302(c) via the TV – BBC1 / 2 Ceefax on page 444 or ITV Teletext on page 1842. Head for Heathrow airport using the directions on our directions page. Once you get close to the airport, head for the relevant terminal (1, 2 & 3 are close together, 4 is on its own at the south side of the airport) depending on which one the flight is landing at.For a full breakdown of which airline flies from which terminal see the airline contact details page. Terminals 1, 2 & 3 are within walking distance of each other via underground walkways. Terminal 4 can be reached from Terminals 1, 2 & 3 via the free inter-terminal transfer service on the Heathrow Express train, which takes approximately 8 minutes.3. Assuming you don’t plan to be at the airport for more than 4 hours, park in the short term Heathrow Airport Parking (for more informaton see the Heathrow Airport Parking page).4. Head for the arrivals area (on the ground floor) of the relevant terminal – Heathrow Terminal 1, Heathrow Terminal 2, Heathrow Terminal 3, Heathrow Terminal 4 or Heathrow Terminal 5.5. Check the flight status on the information boards in the arrivals area.If the monitor still shows ‘Expected…’, the plane hasn’t landed and you have time to browse around the airport shops or have a coffee.Once the status shows ‘Landed at…’, allow 25 – 40 minutes from the ‘landed at’ time for passengers to start coming through the arrivals gate.If the staus shows ‘baggage in hall’ or ‘in customs’ you need to be waiting for your guests at the gate.From touchdown to clearing their baggage, the customs area and coming through into the arrivals hall at heathrow airport, generally takes around 40 minutes for international flights. Domestic flights take slightly less time, and if they only have hand luggage they can be through in as little as 20 minutes.If you want to support us, please book your heathrow airport hotel and Heathrow Airport Parking via our website sponsor.

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