London Tower Of London

is victory in the battle of Hastings in 1066, William the Conqueror was crowned King and made London his main home. He built a new castle at the watergate on the western edge of the city wall, not only to observe and intimidate the most important city in his new realm, but also to protect it. This castle was expanded by later kings until it became what we now call the Tower of London.

The Tower of London acted as the royal residence and, during the medieval period, it was also a royal mint, the treasury, and it housed the beginnings of a zoo. It was not until much later (in tudor times) that it became a famous prison.

Rich in history, it is most famous for its lurid and murderous past. The vast, imposing brick building has been the site of many bloody events, including the murder of future kings, the beheadings of queens and the incarceration, torture, confession and beheading of many historical figures. It was even used as a prison for German spies during the second world war.

Children in particular love the stories told by Beefeater guides on their regular free tours (free after you have paid to enter), and viewing the famous Crown Jewels.

Address: The Tower of London, Tower Hill, EC3

Admission charges: Adult £15.00, children 5 – 15 £9.50, children under 5 free, family tickets (2 adults and 3 children) £43.00, student (with ID) and senior citizen 60+ £12.00

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