heathrow airport plane spotting

Aircraft Viewing FacilitiesAircraft viewing facilities were provided at Heathrow Airport from the Queen’s Building on the roof of terminal 2. This over looks one of the runways where photos are possible with anything more than a 200mm lens. Terminal 2 & 4 were visible. However, this was closed in 2003 on the advice of the Government and BAA have no plans to re-open it.Heathrow Visitor CentreThe only option now is an interactive exhibition covering the past, present and future of the Heathrow Airport is at the Heathrow Visitor Centre on the Bath Road. It is also possible to see aircraft movements from the first floor of this building.Admission to the exhibition is free. This area is accessible to people with mobility problems. For further information telephone + 44 (0)20 8745 6655.

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