Heathrow Connect services launches – full journey costs £9.50

The new Heathrow Connect London Paddington to Heathrow train service launched yesterday, with a single fare for the complete journey one third less than the Heathrow Express fare. The Heathrow Connect train service takes ten minutes longer, but saves passengers £4.50 off the cost of the journey.

The Heathrow Connect service takes 25 minutes to travel between Paddington and Heathrow, runs every half hour, and a single for the whole journey costs £9.50. The Heathrow Express train service takes 15 minutes, departs every 15 minutes, and a single ticket costs £14. (The Heathrow Connect takes longer because it makes 5 stops on the journey). So for an extra 10 minutes on the train, you can save £4.50.

Heathrow Connect follows the same route as the Heathrow Express, and is aimed at the 70,000 people who work at heathrow, as well as this travelling to the airport from the west of London and the west of England. They can now pick up the service from 5 stations in the west of London (Ealing Broadway, West Ealing, Hanwell, Southall and Hayes & Harlington), rather than travelling in to Paddington to pick up the Heathrow Express, or taking an Airbus from Slough and Reading train stations to the airport.

The Heathrow Connect is not intended to compete with the Heathrow Express. They leave from different platforms at Paddington station. But for budget conscious travellers, it offers a cheaper alternative to the quicker Express; a saving of £4.50 for an extra 10 minutes on the train. It is also likely to be used by leisure travellers as an alternative to the Piccadilly line, which takes 45 – 70 minutes and costs £3.80.

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