fear of flying course at Heathrow

A website visitor asked us today if we knew of any fear of flying courses. We spent an hour digging out the best fear of flying courses and resources at heathrow airport and in the rest of the UK. This is what we’ve found:Fear of Flying Course at Heathrow AirportWe found 3 companies offering fear of flying courses at Heathrow and other UK airports:http://www.aviatours.co.uk/ – run regular courses at 5 UK airports (Birmingham, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester) in association with British Airways. The course lasts a full day and costs £235. This does include a 45 minute flight on a passenger plane.http://www.flyingwithoutfear.info/ – this is a Virgin company which runs regular courses at 4 UK airports (Birmingham, Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester). Again, the course lasts a full day and costs £233. This includes a 45 minute flight on a passenger plane, a relaxation CD and a bunch of other Virgin goodies.http://www.virtualaviation.co.uk – run a half day course using a flight simulator at Heathrow or Gatwick. The cost is a massive £665 for a half day on a shared course, or £1280 for a one-to-one course. This doesn’t include a (real) flight.Fear of Flying ResourcesIf you would prefer to take an online course, or to do something at your own pace, the following online resources look good:http://www.fearofflyinghelp.com/ – an online course that contains information about flying, including information on terrorism, new security procedures, and what you can now expect as a passenger.http://www.fearless-flight.com/ – The Fearless FlightKit from the makers of Chicken Soup for the Soul. The kit offers ‘relief from those anxious feelings that can lead to discomfort and even panic attacks for those who have a fear of flying’. It has been specially developed from experiences recounted by the experts: fearful flyers. The centre piece of the course is the ‘Flight Harmoniser’ CD, with its soothing combination of prose, poetry, and music. They also run live online teleseminars.We hope this helps anyone with a fear of flying combat and overcome the fear. If you know of any other great UK resources, feel free to let us know about them.Don’t forget, to book heathrow airport hotels or Heathrow Airport Parking at the lowest price click on these links to Heathrow Airport Parking and heathrow airport hotels price comparison websites.

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